A+ Lectures: prof. dr inż. Mirosław Skibiniewski: Industry 5.0 - Implications (...)

A+ Lectures: Carlos Jorge Quete: “International Security and Terrorism in Africa”

A+ Lectures: Patrice Dabrowski: “What Americans know about polish history- or should!”

A+ Lectures: Prof. Tony McEnery: “Keywords, time and multiple-correspondence analysis (...)”

Wykład na 5+: Dr Ramaswamy Krishnan „Treating disease by treating mechanical dysfunction” 

Wykład na 5+: Dr Michaël Gillon "A quest for habitable exoplanets"


Wykład na 5+ "Atmospheric Chemistry in COVID era"
Understanding and Facilitating Life Meaning
Current trends in the human trafficking
The crime of human trafficking in the world

Prof. Stefan Tsakovski: Water Framework Directive and Sustainable Development Goals

Prof. Igor Khristoforov: The Russian Empire and the reforms of 1860

Prof. Serhii Plokhy: CHERNOBYL: Revisiting the World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster 35 Years Later